Monday, January 9, 2012

Why Design?

First of all, this is long. So feel free to skim (this means you, Sarah).

This weekend, my boyfriend of 3 years, entered his second semester of college. Upon that, he had list of possible academics. Like myself, he's highly involved in web and technology, but unlike myself he has no skills in design. He found himself at a crossroad. He found himself unable to find a suitable career he could see himself in for a long run. I felt guilty, because I find myself in a career that I love.

Justin asked me, in a blunt and almost embarrassed tone, "How did you decide on being a designer?"

What could I say? I couldn't lie and say I always knew I'd be a designer. Then again, I couldn't rub in the fact that I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to do what I love.

I was at a loss of words and all I could give was a simple "I don't know".

It was actually a wake up call. While Justin still putters along trying to find out what he wants to be when he grows up, I'm here wondering why I want to be what I am.

In the lulling sound of my air conditioner blasting full heat on a cold night, I laid awake. It was a hard thought to shake. 


Why am I a designer?

Certainly, it wasn't something I just stumbled upon. I thought intricately and delicately of why I was where I am today. 

The only answer, as simple and pure as it was, was "because it feels right".

I want to have a creative outlet. I want to solve solutions for people who can not find an answer themselves. I want to challenge myself. I want to provide a service that gives me a bit of pride. I want to find confidence. I want to deliver a message. 

And at the end of it all...
I want to be remembered.

For someone who stood in back of a crowd, who sat in a class and spoke to no one, who grew up without any special needs or wants -- I want to be selfish for a moment. For once.

I want to be able to see my designs come to life. I want to see my creativity praised. I want to be feel that knot of excitement and disbelief in my stomach when I find out someone likes my work and finds it enough. All of the other factors are a beneficial aspect that reflects my will and desire to help people. 

Helping people find an identity and providing a service to people is something that is a great thing to do, but for once, is it so wrong to be selfish? 


  1. Hi Jasmine!!!!!

    Love the posting girl. Very interesting, communicative and personal.
    I love this class, can't wait til I really know what I'm doing. But it will be like last class and I'll catch on. I want to learn this FLASH in a flash, lol.
    Oh well, thanks for the post.
    Ask Consultant Sarah

  2. No it is not wrong to be selfish. Everyone needs to be at time, to get where and what they want. If I was you I wouldn't feel bad that I already found what I wanted to do and my boyfriend didn't know what he wants to do. Be proud. :)

  3. Well, if the design thing doesn't work out, you could always be a writer! (If you don't type too fast and forget spell check. lol) ;) However; I think you were born to design. Just remember to listen to your heart. Sometimes we don't know why we are..... we just are, and that needs no explanation.

  4. Well from what i'm seeing I'm seeing that you have a ambition to learn new ways to make your reality better. But you also have a talent that is being discovered. I'm hoping that the ambition you have can succeed and be remembered for its dedication. I can't wait to read more of your blogs because you also have distinguished style in writing.

  5. :) I don't mind the long article, as i write many myself in my spare time. But I love your passion towards graphic design. There's going to be many elements of this that you're going to love!! ^_^