Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm excited to get my schedules each time we go to S.T.A.Rs! It's great to see who will be in classes with me and what classes I'll be taking in the immediate future. I love seeing how much I'm going to learn and it also prepares me to look up information pertaining to the next class.

Besides that, I finished my paper on podcasting last week and finally learned the specifics of podcasting. I've idly dealt with podcasting and contributed to Skype/video recording for comic book podcasting, but I've never had a chance to learn the technical side. Now, I do, and it was far more confusing then I imagined. It's weird; going from something you know offhand to knowing the specifics intimidates me more then it does if I was completely knew to the idea!


  1. This was the first time I've done S.T.A.Rs. It was weird, and I don't believe your in my next class. :(

    Your paper was really good on pod casting, and I learned a lot from listening to you read it.

  2. i just found out what starts was just last week, but it seems to be a fun program. looking forward to it again. i was a bit boggled with the podcasting paper but i also learned something new as opposed to the little things i already knew.