Monday, January 23, 2012


This weekend wasn't full of designing, like I thought it would  be.

However, it did have some instances of it!

My cousin is a tattoo artist who was trying to use my Illustrator to design new fonts.  I was able to show him outlines and the direct selection tool to morph the edges to get the desired effect.

With my help, my cousin was able to find a suitable style that fit his need for his business card.

As I said, it was a bit boring of a weekend, but hey -- it still was something.


  1. Your cousin is a tattoo artist?!?! That is so cool!! I got a tattoo on my birthday, it was something I drew up myself with some help. I looked up flower designs from the internet to get some ideas.

    But anyways, can I get one of his business cards??

  2. Hi Jasmine,
    I love art, all art, well I'm not into tattoos though.
    Jasmine I cannot believe you had a not so interesting week-end. I am sure you had great conversations and the weather was nice.

    But I guess if we are not doing any multimedia it's gotta be boring. I love my class and all my new friends. Thanks for your post.

  3. Next time have your cousin give you his ideas and you do the design! :) A world of possibilities ahead of you my dear!