Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

One of my passions is dealing with fonts. Finding ways to arrange, modify, and align fonts in the form of Typography is a personal project I would like to work on. There are many sites, such as Beautiful Type, Typophile Gangsta, and Green Type Blog that display amazing collections of typography. I can't wait to learn more and feel confident enough to explore font work.

On another note, I was able to finish the first project given with Flash. I will never want to hear "Shopping and Dining" again after the amount of times I had to edit the audio. That was the most challenging part, in my opinion. Syncing the lips and swapping them out was not as hard as I believed, so that was an absolute relief. I am kind of excited to see the other possibilities of Flash and excited to use it in my web design.


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  2. Jasmine,
    That's really cool that you have a passion with fonts, and I think your project will look great.

    Also, I finished the project in flash as well, and you're right the syncing of the lips was the hardest. Having to hear the same words over and over again about wanted me to delete her.

    Talk more later,

    Shelby Lynn

  3. "Shoes and Apparel" "Home Furnishings" LOL, I'm so happy you enjoyed this project so much! I can't wait to see your first Flash project created completely on your own.

  4. That's nice that you like typography i also at one point was very interested in it. I went as far as doing a portrait out of letters. for a close friend. i hope that you keep your head focus on the things that you would like to accomplish.