Friday, June 8, 2012

Trial and Error

This is rather frustrating.

A second time, my file has been corrupted. As someone who finds pride in having assignments done early and maintaining the quality expected, I am feeling frustrated. Not only was the file I've put a week of work into done, but it was corrupted and giving me an error upon loading.

Technology, at one point or another, proves to be a pain in the neck but I guess the easiest way to keep optimistic is to recall that  I know how to achieve the look I was going for and the process will be a bit easier the THIRD time around.

I guess I should not feel like a special snowflake and lament that "this wasn't suppose to happen to me" because, really, that kind of ignorance is just begging for karma to swoop down like a hawk. The best I can do is learn from it and realize the frustration doesn't lie on me and I suppose I can learn from this.

Here's to hoping.

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