Thursday, June 21, 2012

End of the Line

As the class closes and my grades are dangling like a piece of meat above a pit of rabid dogs, I feel like reflecting on what I have learned.

1: Time is opportunity.  With that said, managing my time in school has benefited me to the fullest extent. My projects and my work has been something I am not just relieved to have finished but proud to have created. It has given me a chance to get over a hesitance to achieve greatness in flash: as I have learned the stepping stones towards becoming more comfortable in flash.

2: These files were made for walking, and that is just what they'll do. With a few technical difficulties, I've had files lost, corrupted, and nearly gone forever. It was something that made me panic and worry, yet now, I find myself making daily copies of projects I work on. It will help me develop my comfort as a designer merely by having my work always on hand.

3. If at first you don't succeed,  don't just try; do. I learned to time manage, but also to realize that time won't wait for me. Working in a "crunch" or under extreme pressures are something that I dealt with after my files got corrupted. I was able to stop tip toeing around starting/restarting and work to find a quality finish.

And finally,

4. Never underestimate your passion. Regardless of having a 'try hard' or 'overachieving' tact on all my work, I realize it isn't the way I approach things that is trying hard: it is the world not trying hard enough. I do work that is to be expected: great work. And I let my passion shine. I find myself more comfortable and confident with my speaking skills and my flash skills. That is something I will never let anyone guilt me over.

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